Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to troubleshoot tachometer on 1982 KZ1000 CSR?

  • Locate the tachometer cable connection at the underside of the gauge. Remove the end of the cable from the gauge by turning the connector counterclockwise with pliers. String the end of the cable over the handlebars or ask an assistant to hold the cable so you can see the square rod at the end of the cable core.

  • Start the motorcycle and observe the rod at the end of the core. The rod should be turning, which indicates the core of the cable is okay. If the rod turns, the tachometer needs to be repaired by a technician or replaced. If the core doesn't turn, proceed to the following step to replace the cable.

  • Remove the tachometer cable at the crankcase by turning the connector fitting counterclockwise with the pliers. Pull the cable off the crankcase. Install the new cable by threading each fitting clockwise at the crankcase and at the back of the tachometer. Tighten each connection with the pliers.