Saturday, July 9, 2011

The starter runs forever on saab?

The bendix in the starter is the part of the starter that triggers into the flywheel itself during starter to flywheel engagement.The Starter motor can keep running because of a number of things. It receives its power from the large contacts (switch) in the starter solenoid. WHen engaged, this starter sol. allows high current 12 volts to run the starter motor.
A number of things can cause the starter solenoid to stay engaged:
A) stuck starter solenoid mechanicals.
B) more likely a defective start position on the ignition switch in the ignition switch.
C) possibly a gummed up ignition key tumbler .

I suggest remove and re check the starter terminals, the wires are not connecting .
Both of the red cables (one from batt +, one from alt) are supposed to go on the outer terminal on your solenoid.There should be no external cables connected to the terminal you mentioned, both should be connected to the outer terminal. The starter doesn't need a separate ground cable, it grounds through the engine block and the main battery to engine block ground wire.--------------
Remove this terminal and clean the terminals and reconnect.--------
If the problem is still the same then starter needs to be replaced.,---------
Replacing the starter should solve the issue, but if in case the power windows and roof not starting to work after replacing the starter then,the fuses and relay in the fuse box are to be checked.The fuse box in the instrument panel under the dash and fuse box in the engine compartment under the hood.---------
Check the fuses and relays in both fuse box.---------
If all fuse and relay checks ok, then problem relates to power window switch or wiring to the switch is shorted.-------
But first test the starter connections , if not solved then replace the starter.-----------

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