Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1 second cold start rattling noise on Lexus RX350 ?

According to that US TSIB it's for 06-07 IS350's and rx 350's---------
The service bulletin link is mentioned below:---
Below is the PDF doc show what they need to do........
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it's a common problem if they have any problems with you making that claim
and if he doesnt believe you ask for the manager
lexus very well know about this problem .
yes this was a recall i read about this from Clublexus back in 2008 when i got my first is250
i went to dealer after hearing that noise.
they fixed it under warranty
it was due to the cam gears backlash.
This is directly not considered as a recall so Lexus will not fix it if you don't ask them. If you have same issue, record the sound and show the service man. The costing to fix it after the warranty will be around 3K. So you have to ask your lexus dealer and tell him, that you have this problem.And get it fixed for free.If its out of warranty, still try to convince him, that the problem is with lexus.---------

Also click this link, there is a online video showing this noise in cold start:---