Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to remove alternator without lifting engine on a kia rio?

Simplier method less costly method:

2. Do not mess with the A/C connections this method has enough flexibility to manuver the alternator without distubing the connections too much.
3. Remove support piece above radiator, and remove hood latch support in front of radiator.
4. remove only the upper coolant hose and bracket to the engine.
5. No need to disconnect the the A/c coolant lines. Just remove the brackets that mount them to the car body opposite the alternator. This will give you flexibility to move the radiator and mounting bolts.
6. Remove each of the fan housings. This should give you sufficient space to work on the alternator itself and remove it.
7. loosen the tension pulley, the one toward the firewall, no need to remove it but no big deal. Then loosen the bolt below it to help put the belt back on later.
8. Remove the alternator, disconnect the electrical and remove the mounting bracket that mounts to the engine. The long bolt on the bottom does not come all the way out but you can still remove the alternator with it wedged in the hole. Remember to put this one in first when you reinstall the new on;
9. Work the altermator carefully around the front of the engine and remove from the right side.
10. Installation is the reverse of these instructions.
11. Replace the lost coolant about a liter.
Should take about few hours depending on how difficult it is to remove the fans.

Yes The A/C can remain intact. ONLy remove the coolant line holding brackets

The upper radiator hose CAN remain in place. I did. Yes it makes it a wee bit more tight in getting the alternator out. But you loose no liquids and have no mess.

I agree that it takes a good large prybar to jimmy the motor over in order to get the lower bolt out

Both Fans and housings must be removed

I also recommend looking at the END of the alternator mounting bolts to notice how the bolt extends past the threaded hole a slight amount.
It was because of this and Without seeing that someone else suggested it that about the last 4 threads were cut off of the lower mounting bolt to allow it to fit without having to nudge the motor over again. Subsequently if any further alternator troubles ever come up the bolt can be removed WITHOUT having to pry the motor or loosen the mounts.