Friday, August 5, 2011

how to remove front door panel on 2007 buick lucerne

The directions are to remove the door panel

Water deflector

Motor and regulator bolts.

Make sure you brace the window up so it doesn't free fall down.
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how do you remove door panel on front driver

this is bigger view of the diagram:---


Front Side Door Inside Handle Bezel Cover


Front Side Door Inside Handle Screw

3 N·m (25 lb in)


Front Side Door trim panel.


  1. Use a Door trim Pad Clip Remover to aid in the removal of the side door Trim panel.
  2. After releasing all the retainers along the outer perimeter of the door trim panel, hold the panel away from the door and lift up on the panel to disengage the 2 clips that anchor the armrest into the door sheet metal.
  3. Prior to reinstalling door trim panel, reattach the two armrest clips to the door sheet metal.
  4. Disconnect the inside door handle linkage.
  5. Disconnect the electrical connectors.

do you have to use a door trim pad clip remover or can i use something like a flat screw driver or pry bar?

A small pry bar or crow bar would work well.

i got the panel off but i cant see where to get at the 2 screws by lock (it is the outside handle i'm replacing)

Do you have the window up?

There are 3 screws.


You may need to reach up through the holes further down or use a longer extension if there are rubber plugs.

i took the rubber boot off where door lock rod was , then i was able to get at them,, i got it on and it works. thank you

If you require troubleshooting guide regarding front door lock, then click this link:---