Friday, August 5, 2011

how to remove old throttle cable to install a new braided cable on Harley Davidson

I a having trouble trying to figure out what is holding the brass piece into the old throttle control so I can remove it and connect it to the new it a very tiny C clip?Does it just come out if you pull had enough?it does not appear to unscrew. What is the deal here? It is stopping everything.The cable cannot be disconnected from the old control until I figure this out.

When you say "brass piece", are you referring to the tiny barrel at the end of the cable, where it attaches to the throttle sleeve? If so, then it should just slip right out.

I think you might be talking about the elbow coming out of the bottom of the throttle housing. If the bike is 1996 or later, they are held in place by a small compression ring, and to take them out you have to pull and twist while pulling. a little wd 40 will help. they can be a real pain to disconnect. As another stated, they are sized differently so they cannot be put on wrong. Be sure you loosen the throttle cables and take them out of the throttle sleeve before pulling the elbow loose.

For 1995 and older bikes, the elbows are threaded and a small 7/16 or 3/8 wrench is all thats needed to release them.

  • Place a 5/32-inch thick piece of cardboard, about 1" by 1", between the brake lever and the lever bracket.

  • Loosen the cable adjuster jam nuts with the appropriate-sized Torx driver head. Screw in the cable adjusters with the screwdriver until they are as short as possible.

  • Use a T-25 Torx drive head to remove the right upper and lower switch housing screws.

  • Loosen the upper screw securing the handlebar clamp to the master cylinder housing with a T-27 Torx drive head.

  • Remove the lower clamp screw and the flat washer.

  • Detach the brass ferrules from the notches on the inboard side of the throttle control grip then remove the ferrules from the cable end fittings.

  • Pull out the crimped inserts at the bent tube end of the throttle and idle control cables from the lower switch housing.

  • Remove the air cleaner from the bike by unscrewing the three screws that attach it to the bike. Remove the back plate by unscrewing its three bolts and one Torx head screw.

  • Detach the cables at the carburetor. Use the slots on a pair of wire cutters to remove the cable barrel ends from the holes in the throttle wheel and release the cable housings from the cable guides on the carburetor cable bracket.

  • Use the wire cutters to cut off the 1/4-inch cable straps securing the cables to the frame's backbone and coil bracket. Then remove the cables.


  • I just replaced the throttle cable on my Road Glide.Removing the tank made the job easier.While you have the tank off,you can clean those hard to reach places.
  • One throttle cable pulls the throttle cable bracket to provide acceleration, while the other cable helps to push the bracket back into place. Harley recommends replacing both of these cables should one of them become broken or excessively worn.

  • For instructions regarding how to install braided throttle cable, click the link below :---