Thursday, September 8, 2011

door lock switches don't work but the key fob does on 2009 Saturn Aura?

Before directly, replacing switch.First remove the switch and inspect the switch.sometimes its just loose connection or short or cut in wire causing the switch non-operating.Also check voltage at switch, also try by passing the switch with hot wire and see.but if nothing works, then replace switch.------
GM# 25965499 door switch.

  • Inside the door pull pocket, there is a rectangular rubber pad. Remove it and you'll see two torx head bolts, remove them. You'll probably have to buy a torx socket set if you dont already have one. There is several different sizes of torx bolts on this car, and they have become a very common type of bolt. I'd get an entire set rather on just one for this project.
  • Once the bolts are removed, tilt the entire switch panel up from the rear and pull rearward. There is a small clip that holds down the front part of the panel, that is why you need to pull it rearward.
  • Once the panel is disengaged from the door, unplug the electrical connectors. There are three.
  • Now that the panel is completly free from the door, disengage the lock switch from the panel. It snaps in place.

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