Sunday, September 11, 2011

front end wobble at higher speeds on yamaha xjr?

The only time my bike developed a wobble was when the front and rear tyres were worn, after I replaced them with Roadsmarts the wobble disappeared. I wouldn't think that a wobble is a standard with the XJR if everything is as it should be but could be that it is a little fussy if something is not.

replacing the non fully adjustable ohlin shocks for hagon nitros was the best mod i ever did on the xjr, no more weave or wobbles, obviously u might have other issues but i don't think a damper is required on a bike that weighs 2 tons, aggree with above that even a small screen makes the bike feel more unstable at 100 plus,

Hi an update!!! after a new swinging arm and bearings,and new head stock bearing, new rear and front wheel bearings, no different , so sat with mechanic down listed all the things I had done? put it all back? still the same, mechanic said put your forks back to standard??? . So done that today!!! straight to 140, shut down, no WOBBLE . I only get a bit of wind buffering when I come up behind a car, but Its smooth, so going to speak to the man at Hagon and see if they can do me some rear shocks and front springs to match .

Ohlins sold, Nitros ordered, can't wait.

Good price too - £319.99 delivered - as opposed to £349.50 plus £30 postage from Hagon direct.

Hagons have arrived, built to order, only took a week, highly recommended. Just need to fit them later and get out on it.


Best price I could find for Hagons was
- speak to Jim on 0560 103 7806 - about £60 less than going to Hagon direct, custom built to weight, special length, delivered in six working days.


15mm over - so 340mm as opposed to 325mm standard. Was asked for my weight and whether I regularly take a pillion or luggage - the shocks came adjusted for that. Forks had been dropped but now in standard position. No screen at the moment.

Bike turns in better than standard. No wobbles up to an indicated 130, haven't been any faster yet(!)

Note - both wheels on ground with centrestand, but side-stand is OK.

ME to my problem is still not occurred, hope all goes well through out my xjr.

I will try your hagon nitros solution and see , if can get rid of wobble.I have tried all other possibilities.Lets see, how this works.-------------