Friday, September 9, 2011

Harley Davidson fuel injected FLHRCI cuts out and miss badly

Check to see if the plug wires are all the way into the coil sockets tight. That can cause that problem & there're hard to get at.

Another possibility is a faulty cam sensor.You can try removing the cam cone cover, start the bike, get a hair dryer; point it directly on the sensor inside the cone. If it's bad after a few minutes of heat it starts to react, either stopping or missing, you need a new sensor. They could get heat sensitive and fail when they reach a certain piont.

The exact test is, with running bike, to spray coolant (available at electronics supply store) and see if engines dies, then use a heat gun and see if engine dies. If it does with either the coolant or heat gun, the sensor is "temperature sensitive" and is bad. Anyhow, you can check BAS function by holding a magnet on top and bike will die. Key on, then off, then on to reset. Hard to diagnose your "intermittant, miss-stall": ignition coil connections, fuel pump pressure, engine temperature sensor, loose battery connections, system relay, etc. etc. could cause same problem .


The kill switch can cause that. If it gets a little corroded and/or there is a problem in the wires at and leading to it, it will interupt the circuit long enough to kill the ignition. With these electronic ign's the module will not let them refire until the engine has stopped rotating and and power is turned off, then back on.

I'd first check the connections at the coil and the kill switch itself. It's real easy to pinch a wire on the handle bar harness in the grip area and anytime you disturb connections that have been together a while, they often don't mate up correctly in regards to the point where they were, and where they ended up on reassembly. Both connectors can be touching only where the corrosion has built up on each. And we all know what a poor connection does - causes heat that increases the resistance, and electronics don't like it.

Silicone dielectric compound is expensive, but you can get in now in small squeeze packs that are affordable and should be used on any connection that has been broken then reassembled (after cleaning each terminal)