Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to drain fuel on Dodge RAM 1500

  • Release fuel system pressure.
  • Raise vehicle.
  • Thoroughly clean area around fuel fill fitting and rubber fuel fill hose at tank.
  • If vehicle is equipped with 4 doors and a 6 foot (short) box, remove left-rear tire/wheel.
  • Loosen clamp and disconnect rubber fuel fill hose at tank fitting. Using an approved gas holding tank, drain fuel tank through this fitting.
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    ON 2005 DODGE RAM:---
    There is an anti-theft/one way valve at this point.
    After removing fill tube at tank you can feel it with your fingers, andthe fuel recovery tank hose will not go into tank.

    If the fuel pump works you can wire it up and let the pump drain the fuel. If not remove the fuel line at the pump and hook an external fuel pump up to the fuel pump module and remove the fuel this way

    It will have a retainer/lock that will need to be released to remove the line. Normally you have to pull this lock to release it.That is done by special tool.You can get this tool from autopart stores.----------