Monday, September 5, 2011

how to remove Driver side door panel on 2002 Toyota Camry?

It has three screws, one pin and about 5-6 clips holding the door. Remove the screws (two of them are around the door handle and one more close the mirror). Remove the pin, it has a movable part. You just need to press in the middle of the pin, you will see how it unlocks and after you have to pull the pin out. The panel has plastic clips located around side and bottom parts. When you remove the panel you might brake some of them, it's ok it happens but you need to have some spare ones.
  • Open the door as wide as possible and roll the window up completely. Locate and remove five screws and two clips in the door panel. Two screws are located at the rear of the panel, another two are located under the arm rest, one near the light and the other in front of the light. The last screw is located in the front of the arm rest behind a triangle shaped plastic panel, directly below the door handle. Pry this panel up with a flathead screwdriver to remove the screw underneath. The two clips are near the front of the door and are small plastic circles. Push them in with a small screw driver and pull them out.

  • Remove the plastic trim around the door handle. Use a flathead screwdriver or prying tool to pop the plastic out from the door panel. Wiggle it around until it comes loose from the door handle.

  • Use a flathead screwdriver or prying tool at the bottom edge of the door. Pry away from the door until the clips under the edge pop out. These are plastic clips under the edge of the bottom and sides of the panel. Gently pop them out from the entire door panel. The top of the panel is held in place by the window trim. Move the panel back and forth until it is free from the window trim.

  • Unclip the wire connectors and wires with a flathead screwdriver. The door panel is now free from the door.


  • Toyota service manual for all testing procedures and assembly/dis-assembly instructions

    I performed the following steps

    1. Remove the inner door trim and plastic film

    2. Remove the glass (This really helps later and makes the job MUCH easier). It only takes 1 minute to remove the glass (2 bolts only)

    3. Disconnect all rods (4) from the actuator. The most difficult part of the job is trying to disconnect inner rod connected to the handle. If you remove the glass, you can reach the clip from the top. Go ahead and break it. You can buy a new one from Toyota for $3. I used dremel with a cutoff will to destroy the clip. Once destroyed, I was able to pull the rod out. Once again, this was the most difficult part of the job for me

    4. remove 2 nuts holding left window rail in place and push it away a bit

    5. Remove the actuator. You'll need start shaped bit to remove the bolts

    That's it. Everything is pretty easy accept removing 1 clip. Just take your time and do not rush. You do not want to break the handle.
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    If you want to see the diagrams for door panel disassembly.Then click the link, its not for 2002 year , but for 1999 year.But this door panel disassembly guide will give you lots of help:---