Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to replace engine to transmission belt on troy built gtx2446 lawn tractor ?

You will need to take the deck off. once its removed you will be able to access the area for the trans belt. you will need to remove the pto clutch for this model. this will get you started

Remove the Deck. There should be pins near the front and rear of the deck that need to be removed. remove the belt to the deck.

Now you will need to be under the machine, so a creeper is nice to have.

Once removed, you can remove the pto clutch. it is the pulley under the engine with wires going to it that will need to be unplugged at the right side of the engine (when sitting on the machine, your right). You may need an impact wrench with a 5/8 socket. Lower the clutch off the shaft and set aside. With the parking brake off, you should be able to slide the upper pulley on the shaft down enough to remove the belt and unroute it from the front of the engine. Unroute the belt from all pulleys, take a picture or draw a schematic of how the routing goes. Once you have done this you will need to unroute the belt from the pulley on the transmission. You will need to remove the shorter cvt belt to do this. You will also need to loosen the bolt on the cvt pulley and remove it some what for clearance. the cvt pulley is the double stacked pulley on the trans where both belts meet. It should have a 9/16 bolt and 9/16 nut up top. Once the old belt is removed (assuming it is still intact) you can now reverse the steps and reroute the new belt. when going back with the clutch, torque the bolt to 50 ft/lbs.

This is a bear of a repair so be patient with it, I charge $120 labor + patrs for this repair so it isnt the easiest but can be done. If you need a schematic of the belt routing, google "troy bilt parts" and go to their website for parts. You should be able to find the schematic for routing the belt and pulleys if you need a reference.