Monday, September 12, 2011

ice dispenser flap will not close completely on kenmore refrigerator

In your case the delay mechanism is not working.Its a motor.Its delay motor, which holds for a second then closes completely, but in your cases its not closing completely.--------

The delay mechanism is part number 12 and it closes part number 10.

Now see below, this part number 10
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And this is part number 12:---

You have to replace part number 12.That is the delay mechanism motor.-------

I have mentioned disassmbly procedure for this delay mechanism part by a users who actually did this delay mechanism replacement by himself:---

Ice dispenser flap would not close-delay mechanism quit working

The hardest part of this job was removing the front cover over the water and ice dispensing unit.

Step 1: remove front cover by inserting flat head screwdriver into one of small slots on the bottom side of the cover. Push up firmly, but not too hard (don't beak the plastic cover). As you are pushing up, slightly pry the bottom edge away from refrigerator door. Then, do the same for the other side.
Step 2: Now with both edges slghtly pried away for door, you will now need to use your hands and apply an upward pressure on the cover. (Understand that there are three tabs on the top side of the cover that must come about 1/4" out of slots on the top side of the door.) Try wiggling the cover, while applying upward pressure. You may find the door handle restricting one of the tabs, but you can slide the cover to the side to get it out.
Step 3: with the cover removed, now you can use the nut driver to remove the one (1) screw that holds the mechanism in place. Be sure to see how it fits over the dispensing lever.

Step 4: Install the new delay mechanism by inserting the prong over the dispensing lever and seat into place. Insert screw and tighten.
Step 5: ensure that you installed the device properly by actuating the ice dispenser. If everything is OK, proceed to next step. If not, make sure you installed it correctly.
Step 6: Reinstall front cover by insering the three upper tabs into slots at the top of the dispensing area. Apply downward pressure with your hands, then push the bottom side of the cover in. You should hear them snap into place.
Step 7: Dispense ice into a glass, add water, and enjoy your finsihed project.


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part number 12 is what you will have to see in the diagram.---------


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