Sunday, September 11, 2011

The top will not retract on Mercedes Benz ?

The top will not retract on 2003 Mercedes Benz SL500.

This problem is very common is other top lifting Mercedes brands.This problem is not easy to troubleshoot and requires lots of troubleshooting.--------

This problem is faced by many others too.

Most of the time the problem is broken latch or clogged latch, but if window is getting down or showing some effect the micro switches needs to be checked.There are many switches on this models.---------
I will give you demo of Mercedes benz R-230 which is approx similar to other SL brand Mercedes too:---

To view where the switches are located, to view how this top lift exactly works, to see where this switches are exactly located:----
Once you go through this guide, it will give you complete description of which switch to be checked and which switch is controlling which part of the roof.So as per that you can continjue your repairs:---
Click this link below:---

In case this problem is related to sensors

If your Vario roof stops working one day, it could be that the trunk flap is not sitting tight against the trunk lid. Sensors monitor the positions of these flaps, and these sensors might not be tripped by a flap that is sagging too low.
For the trunk dis-assembly and sensor location click this link below:---



My top would not open this evening, and after reviewing the PDF file that is available on here somewhere called, "Vario Roof Diagnostic Aid.pdf" I discovered that switch S126/1 was not getting closed. The side flap on that side was sort of hanging down about two inches, not making contact with switch S126/1 therefore sending the signal that side flap has not fully tucked under.

If I pushed it up, I could hear the switch click, and the flap stayed there, but when the trunk lid was closed, the flap fell down that 2" again, opening switch S126/1.---------
I replaced the switch and problem is solved.--------
Thanks for sharing the info.

IN some cases you need to get code read by dealer to retrieve exact cause of the scan test at dealer you get error codes retrieved, this error code points which sensor switch is causing the problem.this save some time in troubleshooting:----

the fault codes stored in the roof system, there are a myriad of switches and sensors that play a part in controlling the roof, a very common fault that you could easily check at home would cause the trunk lid to open, but the roof to not fold into the trunk, with your trunk lid not opening, we will want to have the fault codes read from the soft top control module

more sophisticated scanner is required.which mostly dealers have that can read fault codes from the roof module and monitor switch positions.

If you are interested in saving some diagnostic costs, I might advise checking into an independent repair facility that specializes in German vehicles, you can often get the same worked performed at 60-70% of the cost.