Sunday, October 2, 2011

auto insurance price ?


While talking about insurance, most of the people give some reaction and through this types of question on the agent.--------------

This insurance is just taking my money.
I don't want insurance.
Insurance is so costly!!
I don't want any kind of such insurance.
WHY insurance?
I am a safe driver!!
I have vast experience of this--- this years!!!!!!!


But i will tell you one thing.When ever your car gets damaged or if you face a car accident, at that time only one question will go ROUND N ROUND around you .That is OH my car ,OH my car.------
Then few more questions will arise,how much it will cost,how can i do this accident,now what will happen,now where should i go,will the person charge me heavy because i dashed his car,what should i tell,should i run, or if i will be caught.------ ETC ETC.------

Then may be a complaint will be lodged against you, at that time one thing will be asked you many times, WHERE IS YOUR CAR INSURANCE PAPER?
But that time there will be nothing to answer, because you were not interested in getting your car insured.--------

Accidents never happen daily , but when ever this happens, the insurance is best option,to show to the police and also to get the claim.--------
Major accidents cause heavy repair cost and insurance will save you from that major loss.-


Before getting insurance, know the best about latest policies and claims about insurance.Get the details with few famous agents.Don't just believe one agent and get the insurance.Get details will all the possible local agents, and then think twice and select the best agent and best deal of his and go with it.Get help of your friends and relatives about what they have taken and what benefit they are getting of their insurance.------------

SEE note down one thing.--- That most of the car insurance holders are just paying the car insurance payment, but they will say, that they are just paying, but not getting any benefit, because their car has never faced any problem.---------

They will tell you that there money is getting wasted.But actually this is correct procedure, why you want claim,DO YOU WANT YOUR CAR TO FACE AN ACCIDENT??? .No problem if you are loosing some of your money every year for car insurance, this is a step towards safety.And what is wrong in getting safe.----------

There are many online sites they provide quote for your required insurance:---
Click this link below:---

This is just one site, but there are many many such sites,.---------
But i suggest, get the info and detail from your local car insurance agent, get details with more agents.

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