Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flushing Car AC System?

Why AC system flushing is required?

Flushing is required when you notice problem related to AC.

When the sludge ,dirt,dust,gunk,goo etc etc gets collected in the AC components.The cooling will stop.Bad smell odor will be noticed.Noises will be heard from AC when turned ON.If you notice that your compressor is failed or burnt out,then mostly this is cause by sludge got collected in AC cooling components and parts.

Flushing AC components helps in increasing life of a compressor.

If the parts are badly contaminated, then it has to be replaced.In many cases flushing helps.But still if parts look very badly clogged and rusted and very dirty/ cracked then replacing parts is advisable.The parts like condenser,drier,evaporator,orifice tube, all needs to be inspected for dirt,dust and debris.

The parallel flow condensers type Compressors can be very difficult to flush completely .They have very small passageways. If contaminated, these types of condensers must be replaced to reduce the risk of a repeat compressor failure. Always install in-line filter for added safety.This filters helps by not letting the dirt in the system.

The metallic elements,dirt from compressor gets collected in the condenser .When condenser gets blocked by dirt,you notice no cooling or low cooling problem.If this dirt enters liquid line which connects condenser, then further problem like orifice tube failing or getting clogged will also be noticed.Also replace orifice tube when its dirty clogged.On some cases the debris enters backwards from the compressor through the suction hose.This causes clog/obstruction in the accumulator or receiver-drier system.

Never let the moisture to get collected in the system.This moisture collecting is the starting of sludge.Ample of moisture contamination in particular component causes sludge.This sludge enters the system and clogs various parts.This can damage the compressor and plug the orifice tube or expansion valve.There is basic safety given by car companies to cope up with sludge collection automatically.That system holds particular amount of moisture and dries out.But that system works till particular limit of sludge.If large amount of dirt,debris sludge ,gunk ,goo, etc etc gets collected.Then the parts gets contaminated and needs replacing.If you notice leaks then major inspection and repairing is required.

So getting the system flushing and getting your car regular serviced and maintained helps in keeping this minor to major problems away.

Its advisable to install high side filter.So that this helps in blocking the dirt from entering the expansion valve or orifice tube or entering the compressor.

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