Friday, November 4, 2011

Purchasing Moen T2112 faucet ?

Okay, You want to order the moen T2112. 
For that go through this details mentioned below:----

This comes with all the trim you will need for a shower only faucet. (no tub spout filler). From that number the rough-in valve appears to be included and is a pressure balanced valve so you are good there. Verify when ordering that the rough in valve (series number 2500) is in fact included, that is what you will need to complete your order. It does appear the number you gave me, T2112, does include the rough-in valve. If you are placing the order online , just double check the order but you should be all set. IPS stands for international pipe size and refers to the rough -in valve having threaded ends to connect to the piping instead of copper soldering ends. I would order the IPS valve, your installer can work with that either way.Keep all the bills and warranty card for the faucet safely.Many cases if you face problem in using the faucet, then its required.