Friday, November 4, 2011

Towing Capacity for Dodge RAM 2500 Quad Cab 5.7?

I will give you details for All
Dodge Ram 1500,2500 and 3500
For 1500 The tow rating for your truck is 9050 lbs.
The 2500 = 12,500 and the 3500 = 15,500. These are the Max gross weight figures so you have to calculate the supplies and persons carried.
Still important to keep fuids checked close, especially trans fluid and be sure front of radiator fins dont pick up much debris to prevent 100% airflow. the hardest on the truck is staring off or in mountains or up hills. If you are towing flat and steady you are even that much more better off as much less hard on the drive-train.

This above details will help you to to tow proper weight on your dodge ram 5.7l engine.