Monday, January 23, 2012

A/C comes out defrost vents?

The defroster is the default to any failures in the system .Blend door is the most common.
But in some cases it mode door too.
If the problem is that hot or cold air only comes out of the defrost vents, the problem is the mode door. The blend doors only take care for mixing hot and cold air. Which system your vehicle has, the manual system or the automatic one. In the manual system the mode door actuators are vaccum controlled, but in the automatic system (with the dual zone control) the mode doors are electrically controlled.

Check all your vacuum lines for a leak and pay real close attention to those on the drivers side of the engine compartment.

The vacuum reservoir is on top of the evaporator housing and it has to be removed to replace the reservoir. You can test it with a hand operated vacuum pump.
There should be a vac line goinh into the firewall make sure it is hooked up or not cracked.

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