Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Faulty Governor pressure sensor causes transmission slippage?

Many car drivers notice fluctuation in the governor circuit.

Governor pressure won't cause the transmission to slip and it is normal for the governor pressure to fluctuate a little.
If the fluctuation is bad enough it will cause gear hunting(shifting up and down). The electronic governor doesn't work like the mechanical governor system. The governor pressure is controlled by the PCM and the PCM receives various input to control the pressure by operating the solenoid. The old system used to increase governor pressure about 1 psi for every mph increase.
When you disconnect the transmission, it will only have third gear when D is selected.
It will still allow you to to have first and second by selecting 1 and 2.
The only thing that is different in manual low, is it applies the rear band for engine braking and there isn't anything different from manual second to drive second, just the position of the manual valve.
What happens when you are in drive and do a brake torque, does the engine rpm flare way up when you put the gas pedal to the floor or does the rpm reach stall speed?
If yes then inspect the transmission.

This will help.

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