Friday, January 27, 2012

Mazda MPV cranks but will not start?

If your engine cranks but will not start, you either have no spark or no fuel.

Judging by the age of your minivan, my guess would be a dead fuel pump.

When you turn the key on, listen carefully for a light buzzing noise from the back of the van that lasts foir a couple of seconds. If you do not hear the fuel pump buzzing, the next check would be the fuel pump fuse and relay (see your owners manual for their location).

If both are okay, get a can of aerosol starting fluid and spray some into the throttle inlet on the engine. Then crank the engine to see if it starts. If it starts, runs for a second or two, then dies, you have spark but no fuel. You need to replaced the pump (which is located inside the gas tank).

You can also pull off a plug wire, place it near a metal surface on the engine, and have a helper crank the engine while you watch for a spark. If there's a spark, it confirms a bad fuel pump. If there is no spark, the fault could be a bad crankshaft position sensor or a bad ignition coil.

If all checks out ok,then test the pulse to the injectors.
If you have no pulse to the injectors, then one of three things is the problem:

1. There is a bad wiring connection in the fuel injectioin wiring harness (bad wire, or bad connector possibly at the PCM).

2. The PCM injector driver circuit has failed (which means you need to replace the PCM),

3. The PCM is not receiving a trigger signal (bad crank sensor or cam position sensor).

This details will help.

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