Saturday, January 14, 2012

Printer keeps printing Alignment page?

Many All in one  printer users face this problem.

Actually its not problem.

Try this procedure.
1) Take a proper blank page.
2) Let the Alignment page print.
3) Once the page is printed,keep the printed Alignment page on the scanner glass.
4) Then press the scan button once and leave it.
5) The power light of printer will blink for few seconds and then stop.
6)Once it stops the alignment is complete.

When ever you replace the cartridge,you have to do this same alignment procedure once.

Sometimes the alignment will not get complete.In that particular cases,you have to press the cancel button on printer.This will cancel the alignment option temporarily .But once you shut off the printer and power ON,it will again ask you to align.Again press cancel to continue without alignment option.

This will help.Thanks.