Monday, January 23, 2012

Radio goes ON and OFF while driving?

Common problem.In this case this problem is getting noticed on my customers 2006 Ford F-350.

The cluster powers up the radio , so if the cluster goes dead then the radio will go dead, so the problem is with the cluster , you may need a new one.

There are three fuses for the cluster in the interior fuse panel.The  fuses to be checked are fuse number 2, 33,45,,,, with the truck on , do a wiggle test on these fuses to make sure there is not a loose conection on them.
Other then that it is not odd to see a cluster with internal problem do this , and would suggest the cluster be replaced, there are many places on line that you can send the cluster out for repairs, or call your local Forddealer and see if they use a local repair shop in your town for there cluster repairs and see if they can repaire it or give you an exchange unit .
This details will help.

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