Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Transmission slips in Gears?

This problem was noticed on dodge ram 1500 pickup.
It slips in 1 & 2 gear while the gear selector is in D or 2. When I drop the selector into 1 it doesn't slip. Once the truck is moving, the selector can be be moved into D and operates normally until the truck is stopped.

Some cr drivers think its due to faulty governor sensor and solenoid.
But actually 
The governor pressure sensor and solenoid have nothing to do with the transmission slipping. These don't control line pressure and if you have slipping, it will be caused by something else.
The governor pressure solenoid only controls governor pressure to control shift timing and has absolutely nothing to do with line pressure.
When you say the transmission is slipping, does the engine rpm flare up when you accelerate from a stop in drive?
Does it seem like it starts out in a higher gear when you start out in drive or does it seem like it starts in first gear but the engine flares up when you accelerate and you don't gain much speed?

Is your throttle pressure cable attached and properly adjusted?
Your throttle valve cable on the driver front side of the transmission. It connects to a throttle valve lever. When the gas pedal is up the lever should be all the way forward and when you start pressing the pedal it should start moving rearward, The lever has a return spring on it to return the lever to the front. Check this for binding/sticking and make sure it works freely.

Check the pressure according to the service manual.
If the pressures are good, then there has to be something that isn't assembled properly internally and you will have to go through it again.

You will have to remove it and go through it again with a fine toothed comb to make sure everything gets assembled properly.

Dont just disassemble valve body.Remove complete transmission.
If its just the Valve Body issue(leakage), it would show up during your pressure test. Since your pressures are good, it has to be something internal. 


Faulty Governor pressure sensor causes transmission slippage?