Monday, February 6, 2012

1997 Chevy Tahoe Brake lights not working?

Faulty brake controlling fuse,or problem with brake light bulb or issue with brake light switch.
All this has to be checked.
I recommend you to check this help solutions,without forget for fuse location and brake switch replacing.

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Once you have tried and tested this all and still you have same problem,then read as follows :--------

Check to see if the orange wire going to the switch has voltage if not check the 20 amp fuse in location 1 of the interior fuse box. If fuse is good but no power at switch replace orange wire between fuse and switch. If you have power at fuse then you have a wire problem on the white wire between switch and lights. Here is a wire diagram,shown below:-------------


If you notice power to orange wire,then verify if the white wire is getting power when the brake is pressed.If it is then you have a wiring problem somewhere on the white wire before the splie 220.Which is on the Instrument Panel Harness approx 6 cm from the steering column harness breakout.You will see where bunch of white wires connect to each other. The problem is either at that splice or between switch and splice.
There should be power on the white wire when the pedal is pressed, when the pedal is pressed it should have voltage because the voltage passes through the switch to the lights.If it does not have voltage then it needs to be replaced.
Check to see if you have power at the white wires at the bulbs.If so check for good ground.If both are good replace bulbs, if no ground replace ground. If no power on white wire you will need to follow the wire at the switch to the splice.

Assume if you have no power at lights when pedal is pressed,then
Follow the white wire from the switch to where it connects with all of the other white wires.There is a problem between the switch and where it connects with the other wires "the splice".

You will need to remove the panel under the steering columb to access the wires.....So your not able to move them, just follow them up.

An easy alternative would be taking a wire and splicing into the wire white wire at the switch and run it to one of the wire wires at the brake lights. Otherwise your going to have to locate where they all connect to eachother behind and above the gas pedal area.

In most of such cases its either crack in white wires or crack in orange wire.Or crack in both wire.
Because if all other possibilities are checked ok and ruled out,then its definitely something to do with short or crack in wires.
This details will help.

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