Thursday, February 16, 2012

2009 Chevy impala accelerator pedal sensor?

This problem is very much noticed on 2009 model impalas.There a service recall or this problem on 2009 and 2010 Chevy impala car models.Get the accelerator pedal sensor problem resolved from dealer for free.
But if in case,you need to do it yourself,the procedure is as follows :-----

This is one of the simplest jobs that you will ever find. NAPA, Auto zone has them for about $60. To do this task
Get a 10 mm socket, ratchet & extension along with a small flat blade screwdriver.

Then with the help of screw driver  remove the 2 bolts that holds the accelerator pedal down.
Now use the small screwdriver to push down on the clip on the connector & unplug. Do everything in the reverse order to install. 
The best part in replacing this part is there is no learning curve required for the computer it just works. 
Basically on many cases the car scanning shows error codes P2138 and P2127.This cleared the p2138 & p2127 codes from coming on.

This will help.

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