Sunday, February 19, 2012

4x4 front differential will not engage the axle on ford?

First of all inspect the vacuum actuator and front differential.
Are they both functioning or not.If not,then it has to be replaced.
Inspect vacuum actuator on front diff and the 2 solenoids on firewall.

Basically in this types of problem,
shaft spins but the axles dont and no light on the dash.

On basis of this problem,try this troubleshooting procedure.
Take the vacume pod off the front diff and see if you can manually engage the rh axle shaft, this is a common failure that the shift collar and gear gets stripped and dont engage the rh axle shaft. This is assuming the vacume pod has sufficient vacume from the actuator solenoid and the pod does not leak and is actually moving. To repair this you will need to remove the rh axle housing and disassemble and replace the shift collar and gears( ford has a repair kit for this).

If you switch two vacuum hoses and everything works correctly then,
the solenoid(disengage ) is being commanded on by the GEM . So if you disconect the power connetor does the vacume stop flowing on the disengage solenoid? If so then your going to need to have a scan tool to find out why the GEM module is commanding the solenoid on.

This will help.

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