Saturday, February 4, 2012

BMW 318i trunk will not open part 1?

Fix to open BMW locked trunk manually.
You will need 25mm holesaw using the coordinates of 40mm right of the lock barrel on the trunk and 70mm down from the number plate lights.
Then drill the hole and simply get the connecting rod that had come away from the main barrel and pull upwards to open the trunk.
Once open you can unclip the carpet to expose the area and set about to reposition the rod and secure same using 3 zip ties.
After that  plug the hole with a condiment lid that fit the hole.
(I personally suggest to repalce the lid with a rubber grommet).
The procedure is simple.
But you will have to do it carefully.
In part 2 there is a pic to help you out.
For part 2 click the link below:-----