Monday, February 6, 2012

Chevy impala is sluggish to drive?

There are multiple possibilities for this types of problems.
First of all,check if you have got check engine light on dash.Is it remaining steady.If yes,then there are error codes stored in the Chevy computer.The ECM computer module needs to be scanned for retrieving error codes.
More than likely the cat converter is restricted of plugged..very very common for these cars.what you can do is pull out the O2 sensor in FRONT of the converter or loosen the front pipe up at the rear exhaust manifold and drive it and see if the power comes will be a little noisey but it will be ok to confirm that being the problem.
To eliminate the cat remove the O2 sensor in FRONT of the cat and take it for a road test and see if it runs good with the O2 out.if it does the cat is bad.

This details will help.
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