Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ford 4 wheel drive vacuum solenoid working system?

The system it is very simple. First both solenoids always have power on the white/light blue wire, and both should have engine vacuum to one of the vacume ports with the engine running. The computer will the engergize the connect solenoid by supplying a ground to energize the appropriate solenoid. And then sending vacumme to the apropriate side of the vacuum pod to engage or disengage the axle. You need to test the power and ground to the solenoids to verify the computer is performing correctly first you should have 12 volts acrossed the terminals of each connector when they are in there appropriate posistion( engage 12 volts in 4hi , disengage 12 in 2hi ) Measure voltage acrossed the terminals this test power and ground to the solenoids. IF ok then using the same principal test vacume out of each solenoid in the appropriate positions. IF ok then test for the same vacuum at the pod with the corresponding lines ( they are color coded compare at solenoid to pod).

This will help.

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