Monday, February 6, 2012

Gasoline burning smell and white smoke from exhaust?

In this case the problem is noticed on chevy car model.
The customer noticed problem like car running slow and sluggish,also gasoline burning smell and white smoke was seen from exhaust.

But this all problem stops and gets to normal after car is driven for few miles.


On that basis the troubleshooting possibilities is as follows :-----
That sounds like the rubber valve stem seals are going out. White smoke indicates that the car is burning coolant. The valve seals are rubber and they go out over time. They usually expand when the car gets hot and you don't burn coolant anymore ((which is why the white smoke stops).

Its suggested to check the coolant level.
Also turn ON AC and see if you get cold air,when this white smoke problem is noticed.
If no,then problem is valve leaks and low coolant.

The Approx cost of this repair will be near to $350.

This details will help.

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