Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to replace blower motor on 1990 Honda Accord?

Blower motor is replaced,when you notice no heat or cold problem for car heater/ac unit.The blower motor fan will not operate when motor is faulty.

The procedure to replace blower motor on 1990 Honda accord model is as follows :----

  1. With A/C:
    • Remove the A/C band and remove the blower under cover. Remove the blower assembly
NOTE: Be careful not to break the tabs while removing the blower under cover.

Refer to illustration for blower unit disassembly and reassembly, noting the following:
  • Before reassembly, make sure that the air door and linkage moves smoothly without binding.
  • When reattaching the recirculation control motor, make sure its positioning will not allow the air door to be pulled too far. Attach the recirculation control motor and all linkage, then apply battery voltage and watch the recirculation control door movement. If necessary, loosen the holding screw and move the recirculation control motor up or down.
Connect the recirculation control motor connector to the main wire harness and turn the FRE/REC switch to "REC". Hold the air door closed, then connect the control rod to the clip on the arm.


  1. Remove the glove box.
  2. Remove the glove box frame.
  3. Without A/C:

    • Remove the self-tapping screws and remove the heater duct.
  4. Without A/C:
    • Remove the blower unit mounting nuts .
    • Disconnect the connectors from the blower motor, resistor and recirculation control motor, then remove the blower assemblygraphic
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