Monday, February 6, 2012

How to replace Cruise control plate on Ford Ranger?

The cruise control plate is located under the steering wheel.

The instructions to replace this plate is as follows :-----

Remove the two steering wheel back cover plugs

Remove the two driver air bag module retaining bolts


Remove the driver air bag module.
Disconnect the driver air bag module electrical connector.
Remove the driver air bag module.
But before removing airbag module,its recommended to deactivate it first.For that procedure,click the link below :----

How to Deactivate Airbag system on Ford Ranger?


    Turn the steering wheel to the straight-ahead position and turn the ignition switch to the OFF position
    Loosen the steering wheel bolt


    Using the special tool, remove the steering wheel



    Remove the steering wheel rear cover.

    Remove the screws.
    Remove the steering wheel rear cover.

      Remove the ribbon harness from the clips


      Remove the horn contact electrical connectors


      Remove the right side horn contact.
      Remove the screws.
      Remove the contact

        Remove the speed control switch assembly.
        Remove the screws.
        Remove the speed control switch assembly

          This will help.

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