Friday, February 3, 2012

Nissan car will not start?

This problem is noticed on my customers Nissan Almera.
In this problem the Nissan car was actually starting,but not right away after key is turned to ON poosition in ignition.
While turning the key first time nothing happens.
While turning it several times to ON/OFF/ON position suddenly one time the engine cranks and car starts.
Also he gets click noise while turning the key but car will not start.

On that basis the troubleshooting for this problem is as follows :----

First of all,its advisable to check the ING or IGN Fuse in engine compartment fuse box.Its a 10 AMP engine control fuse.In many such cases on Nissan cars,this fuse gets loose or shorted and cause this problem.

But if the IGN fuse checks out ok or if you replace this IGN fuse and still you notice same problem
then ........

Your symptoms indicate a fault with the ignition electrical unit which is on the back end of the ignition lock - You have to remove the cowling to gain access to -and renew that.

When you switch to the positions as you mention , the lights should come on - indicating a live circuit - without which it wont start...What happens is inside that electrical component are several different connections..which have to be made as the key turns -Its missing out and that is causing no start issue.

Getting this possibilities checked inspected will help.


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