Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nissan Pathfinder stalls and bucks on Acceleration?

It sounds like you may be a tooth off on the install of the Distributor. Lets verify this. Turn the engine over manually till you reach TDC. then remove the distributor cap and see if it's pointing at cylinder number one.
If off a tooth will have no power, backfire and bog bad.

  The common possibilities for this problem on 90s Nissan pathfinders is
The fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, plugs, wires, fuel and air filters, rotor button and distributor cap.

Also on the 1995 pathfinders I have found a lot of bad connections at the air flow meter , I would use a sharp metal pick and tighten all contacts on harness side of plugs and make sure they are clean and tight , if not can cause a problem like you have discribed , this would be the first thing I would check . Also get checked cam timing and the timing belt replaced.

One more thing to inspect remove distributor rotor and lower cover plate on distributor , look for rust or dirt under plate this can clog up window in distributor timing wheel and cause a lot of problems, clean it out and spray with compressed air to make sure it is clean inside.

I would replace the timing belt they can stretch and cause a timing probelm and affect performance , also have all codes inspected in control unit for any failures like a bad 02 sensor can also cause performance problems at times .If not responding quick enough to adjust mixture.

This will help.

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