Sunday, February 19, 2012

Where is freeze plug located on Jaguar S-Type?

Freeze plugs are installed in the block of your engine in part to prevent damage from coolant freezing in the block. Freeze plug will fail, most likely due to rust from the inside of the block.You will have to remove the engine or the transmission, or both,in order to replace the freeze plugs.
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Freeze plugs are located all the way around the sides and the back of the block. Sometimes freeze plugs are also located on the front of the block, in which case they will usually be behind the water pump or otherwise hidden by accessories. The engine is mostly Alumimium ,and freeze plug behind the motor.It cost approx $4 per plug.This is the black plastic part that is in the front center of the engine compartment. The round plug is sealed to the passenger side of the housing so when it does pop out this is due to the overheating.

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