Saturday, March 10, 2012

Overhead Brake lights not working on 1999 GMC Sierra 4x4?

First of all i will say,check the other lights.Are they working properly.
Does the high mounted stop lamp on the back top of the cab work? Do the both turn signals work?
If yes,then read further.

If all other lights working,but over head brake light not working with brake applied then first thing to be checked is Fuse.

If fuse checked ok,then brake light light bulb,the brake light switch and brake light wiring needs to be inspected.

But in most cases the fuse is the issue.
As per 1999 GMC Sierra Schematics there are 3 fuses that we first need to check. All 3 are located in the under hood fuse block. The first fuse labeled "Stop Lps" should have power on both sides of the fuse at all times. You can check for power with a test lamp or digital multimeter with the fuse installed. There are metal tangs that protrude at the top of the fuse, you should have power at both of these tangs. The other 2 fuses will require that you have someone apply the brake pedal to check for power. These two fuses are labeled "CHMSL" and "Veh Stop". Both of these fuses are powered with the brake lamp applied. Let's start there and see where we end up.

This will help.

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