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1977 Chevrolet Corvette Power Windows Not Working?

The power windows not working,on Chevy Corvette.

As per this details,it can be faulty power window switch or issue with circuit breaker or loose wiring.

Check the switches and  see If you get continuity.Also check the circut breaker under the dash and see if you get continuity .Also check the accessory outlet where the circuit breaker is plugged into and see if you get 12 volts.

Properly check for power and ground signals at driver window switch? The most common failure in older vehicles with power window/lock problems is the wiring. The wiring going through the door jam and into the door has to flex each time you open and close the door, subsequently the wiring tends to break and circuit integrity is compromised. This usually happens inside the black boot that surrounds the wiring. I recommend to replace the wiring that flexes from inside the car and run new wiring into the door so the part that flexes is now new and doesn't continue to break year after year.

With the window switch unplugged and the ignition on do you get power to the window switch connector.
It Should be a pink wire at both switches.

If there is no power at all either side.

SO it seems as if you are not getting any power to the window switches to make them work. Also if you have power at the circuit breaker and the breaker has continuity. I would first try a different circuit breaker just to be sure. Sometimes there is continuity but the circuit is not capable of handling an electrical load. You may be able to switch a different circuit breaker for testing, like from power door lock circuit. If you still have not power to both switches then I would concentrate more on the wiring inside the vehicle as the same circuit supplies both windows with power. You could also try a continuity test of the power circuit. With the circuit breaker out and testing from the terminal of the breaker that is not powered test for continuity between the switch harness and the breaker terminal. I would expect to find that this circuit is open, from the previous diagnosis you have done and the description of the problem. If indeed this is the case then you will have to trace the wiring and find the open circuit.

This details will help.

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