Monday, April 9, 2012

Distributor drive shaft Removal on 1995 Dodge Dakota?

Distributor drive shaft  is also known as DDS.

Many car techs remove Engine to replace DDS.But its actually not required.

You should't need to pull engine, but you will need the intake manifold off to get the DDS out. Turning the engine should help the gear walk up out of the cam gear. 

Here's the service info on re-installing the distributor. It is important to align the oil pump drive shaft to #1 cylinder.

NOTE: Before installing the distributor, the oil pump drive shaft must be aligned to number one cylinder.
Rotate crankshaft until No. 1 cylinder is at top dead center on the firing stroke.
When in this position, the timing mark of vibration damper should be under "0" on the timing indicator.
Install the shaft so that after the gear spirals into place, it will index with the oil pump shaft. The slot on top of oil pump shaft should be aligned toward the left front intake manifold attaching bolt hole.
Install distributor. Refer to Ignition Systems for the proper procedure.
After the distributor has been installed, its rotational position must be set using the SET SYNC mode of the DRB scan tool. Refer to Checking Distributor Position following the Distributor Installation section in Ignition System.
Do not attempt to adjust ignition timing by rotating the distributor. It has no effect on ignition timing. Adjusting distributor position will affect fuel synchronization only.

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