Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vibrations while braking On Chevrolet Van?

In that case the customer noticed Vibration on Driving while brakes are applied.
The problem started after replacing rear brakes.

On that basic the troubleshooting Procedure is as follows:-----

As per the details mentioned It sounds like this a braking issue. If you did not have the concern before having the rear brakes worked on then I would start there. It still could be in the front brakes, but less likely. Vibrations while braking are caused by one of a couple things, the most common is warped brake rotors or drums, or the second being a piece of debris (rust) between the hub and rotor or drum mounting surface. Sometimes the brakes you will find that the longer you drive or the hotter the brakes get the more noticeable the vibration becomes. This could explain why it didn't happen when you took it back in to the shop. I would go for a drive in it and use the brakes aggressively to see if the vibration comes back. If it does then drive it to the shop and have them go for a ride with you. If it doesn't then I would guess that maybe there was a piece of debris between the mounting surfaces and that if they took the brakes apart to inspect their work it may have now fallen out and when they put it back together the vibration would be gone.

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