Thursday, July 12, 2012

OBD codes P1521 and P0750

Poor Acceleration problem on 2006 Dodge Ram and check engine light came on.Also shifting issues noticed.
Scan test shows error code P1521 and P0750.

Is Poor Acceleration related to this error codes?
What exactly Obd error code P1521 and P0750 indicates?

Yes this error codes are related to your problem.

The error code P1521 is for incorrect engine oil type. May be you have recently got the oil replaced and refilled it with wrong oil type.Or the previously replaced oil is not got very thick and dirty.If its the case then inspect the oil condition and type and replace it with proper suggested oil as per owners manual.
The engine computer controller monitors oil pressure versus temperature to determine if the correct oil is being used, this code sets when the incorrect viscosity is detected. You may have the wrong oil in it, a thick oil additive will set the code also. As per dealer and owners manual dodge ram truck requires 5w20 and no additives or this code will set.

Now the other code which you got is P0750.
This obd error code is for the low/reverse solenoid in the solenoid pack inside the trans.The low reverse solenoid needs to be inspected. This code sets when the voltage on the circuit is incorrect for a given state. With this code set the trans is going to be in limp-in, either third gear only or third and fourth.

And due to this both error codes.
One the oil quality related and other the transmission shifting related,you will notice poor acceleration.


  • The solenoid has to be inspected.The solenoid shorts due to various reasons.It could be an open circuit, short to power or ground on the low/reverse solenoid driver wire anywhere between the powertrain control module and the trans.
  • On some cases it was noticed hat PCM ( power train control module) was faulty.So it could also be the powertrain control module itself. A wiring problem or the module are certainly possible but not common.
  • Or it can be connection issue at the large connector on the left side of the trans, but again that's not common.


The most common cause of a solenoid code is a failed solenoid, requiring solenoid pack replacement. The solenoid pack is mounted to the top of the valve body in the trans. Most likely your solenoid pack will need to be replaced to repair this concern.

So in your case first inspect oil quality and next inspect low/reverse solenoid located in transmission on top of the valve body.

This details will help.

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