Thursday, July 19, 2012

VW Passat will not crank?

Vehicle starts but no cranks.

2002 Volkswagen has no crank.

Two parts needs inspection,before any major testing and parts replacement.

First is battery and another is starter.

Battery testing:]

You need test light or voltmeter with you to start this simple testing procedure.

Check the power at the starter motor, you should have battery voltage on the big thick cable that is bolted to the starter and then when the key is held in the crank position there should be battery voltage on the small thin wire that has a connector attached to it, this is the first area you need to check, .

The voltage should be 12 volt.If its less then its loose terminal or bad earth or loose connection somewhere.

Starter testing:]

If you have a bad earth or the starter motor is defective.
Then to confirm the issue check for a bad earth the quickest thing will be to get a jump lead and connect one end to the metal of the engine/gearbox and connect the other end to the body on a clean point.
Now with these done try and crank car over, if its still the same the starter would appear to be defective but if it goes to start then the earth cable which goes from the body to the engine is defective, and may need to be removed and cleaned and refitted.

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