Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dodge Ram 4x4 light keeps flashing

4X4 Low light is Flashing on Dash

The 4x4 Wheel drive low light flashes when shifting and when the shifting is complete the light should go steady  instead of being flashing.

BUT,if the 4WD low light is flashing instead of lit up solid then please check whether the the shift is completed or not OR else  it isn't actually in four low mode. 

YES, its agreed that the switch may have been placed into four low but the shift will not complete unless the correct conditions are met .
The correct procedure to complete the shift in four wheel low drive is place the switch in four low and after that rolling 2-3 MPH with the transmission in neutral. 
Its very common the 4WD light will flash until the correct conditions are met.But once the shift completes then the light will be lit up solid. Only when the light is on solid is it actually in four low. 


IT SEEMS LIKE .............

The vehicle is actually not got properly engaged in four low, it sounds like the knob is just turned and it didn't shift.
Yes,its very true,this happens many a times.

ABOUT THE PROBLEM OF 4WD low light flashing ,
Either way, as long as it's driving normal and you don't hear any abnormal noises from the engine or drivetrain, and there are no leaks, then you don't have anything to worry about. 

Just dont ignore the issue get regular maintenance /servicing done,if its not done yet.

These basic troubleshooting details should help.

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