Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where to fill Transmission Fluid on 2001 ford focus

Transmission Fluid Fill and Drain Location.

The Ford Focus 2001 uses Mecron Brand transmission fluid.

To drain the transmission fluid there is hole on the side of the case at the bottom. It should hold right at 1.9 liters.

 You will need to get up under there to see it.Its not seen easily.

See the diagram shown below:----

ford transmission fluid drain hole

To fill the transmission fluid ,you have to remove the sped sensor.

The transmission is filled by removing the speed sensor and adding the fluid through its hole.

The speed sensor  should be on the driver side on the transmission top side.Its fitted by bolts so remove the 10mm mounting bolt and it should pull up and out, they can be a bit tight if the Oring is swollen.
Once the sensor is out,you see the fill hole to fill the fluid.

These details will help.

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