Sunday, January 27, 2013

2004 Chrysler Concorde Shows OBD code P1776


Received error code P1776 on 2004 Chrysler Concorde

Vehicles goes in limp mode while downshift.

There are many solenoids in the valve body. P1776 sets when the solenoid switch valve (SSV) in the valve body sticks, or the other reason is TCM .  P1776 also sets if  TCM thinks that Solenoid valve body is blocked or out of its position.On some cases its also faulty TCM or pressure switches.

So it can be faulty SSV sticking or TCM. Generally the valve body is exchanged for this to take care of the problem, but at out auto garage repair store we have good luck with disassembling them and reworking the bore a little bit.

More probably it's going to be your solenoid pack that is faulty. replacing the solenoid will help,but sometimes if the low/reverse pressure switch is bad in it then this code will still get set, even after you replace the solenoid switch valve.

If the pack used is a rebuilt one then that makes it more likely to be bad for a couple reasons. First is quality control. Second, there were manufacturing problems identified with solenoid packs of this era, where it was almost expected to have a bad low/reverse pressure switch at some point.

For parts i suggest  with a new Mopar or aftermarket pack.

If you have already replaced the part and still the error code P1776 comes ON then in that cases i suggest you to try these possibilities :-----

  • What you can try is hardwire the low/reverse pressure switch from the trans to the TCM. 
  • Run a new wire from the solenoid pack connector on the top/right side of the trans entirely to the module. 
  • Solder the connections, seal them with cooling compound and cut the old wire out of the circuit. 

I suggest using branded parts,so the problem gets solved completely.

Regarding the wiring i will say:

For low/reverse pressure switch there is a solid dark green wire. It's in pin 2 of the solenoid pack and pin 29 of connector 4 at the powertrain control module.This detail is as per your vehicle brand model.

These details will help.

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