Tuesday, January 22, 2013

blinkers, stereo, and wipers will not work

Multiple problems noticed on 2000 Jeep Wrangler United States Manufactured Model.



While driving the vehicle noticed that blinkers, stereo and wipers not working.It will only work until turned the vehicle off and restarted it.

Including these problem suddenly other problem arise after that, It is the clutch grinding issue. The  clutch grinds when the clutch pedal is pushed in; But if the radio turns ON then there is no grinding clutch noise heard.

Is it some kind of short If not, then why the clutch would be affected by it?

More explanation about Grinding noise from the Customer who owns the Jeep Wrangler ..........

The Grind noise occurs when I turn the vehicle on; I already have the clutch pedal pushed in to start the jeep. Initially  while the start there is  very subtle grind noise heard but when the clutch  pedal is released it stops and again next time when clutch pedal is pushed in the loud grinding noise is heard .
But what i feel confusing is that this only happens when my radio and blinkers don't work.If While i start the vehicle and if radio and blinkers start then no such grinding noise is heard.

Please Explain me Why?


Heelo customer.
Thanks for asking the problem.
I will like to share my Auto garage vehicle repair experience Suggestion with you.
As per what details you have provided, it sounds like the noise is appearing due to a failing throwout bearing.
The throwout bearing is the bearing that presses on the pressure plate to release the clutch when you press the pedal.
For your knowledge the clutch assembly system is a completely mechanical system where your other problem is electrical, and the systems are completely unrelated. Both the issues , one the radio and blinkers not working and other the clutch grind noise are two different issues.
I know it appears they problems are related and you can try repairing the electrical problem first, but it's highly unlikely that the problems are truly tied together.

Below i will explain your why these 2 issues are different problems and not related to each other:-----

The wipers, radio and turn signals not working is being caused by a bad ignition switch.It a very common problem and we at our auto garage deal with such problem regularly.
What has happened is the contacts in the switch are burnt and it's taking down a large power feed circuit. You would probably find if you moved the key forward and back a bit while it's acting up these items would come back on.
So getting the ignition switch checked and replaced if found to be faulty will help to solve the one problem.

In the same way getting the throwout bearing inspected and replaced will help to solve the other problem.

These will help.

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