Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Car Clutch Makes Noise

Clutch Pedal Problem



Vehicle drives fine but when Clutch Pedal is Pushed in the clutch makes noise.Its like Roaring and grinding Clutch Pedal Assembly.

But once the clutch pedal is released the noise stops.

What can cause these noise?

Please Help!!!

Answer by expert:--

Hello sir thanks for asking the question here.

At our Auto garage repair store we deal will many vehicles in the form of truck,van,jeep facing these kind of problem.

I will share the details and troubleshooting for this problem.

Like as you already said ,If the noise happens when pressing the clutch pedal and then goes away when clutch pedal is released then that's the issue with throwout bearing. 

Yes its worn throwout bearing.

Its the bearing on the clutch fork.

This bearing  moves forward toward the engine when pressing the clutch. The bearing pushes against the spring fingers on the clutch pressure plate when you press the pedal and this is what disengages the clutch. 

Since the only time the bearing spins and has a load on it is when you press the clutch pedal this is the only time it will make noise, and when you let off the pedal then it will stop pretty quickly. If the noise happens only when pressing the pedal and then goes away when you let off the pedal then it's going to have to be the throwout bearing.

I suggest you to get the throwout bearing inspected and replaced.
These will help.