Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chrysler Sebring Touring: 2007 4dr Sebring 2.4 engine dies at idle

Chrysler Sebring 2.4 engine dies at idle

Engine dies at idle intermittently while at stop light or when engine gets warm


There is no check engine light, still scanned the engine module with no error code stored,the vehicle starts and runs fine with no problems but suddenly dies at idle without any indication.

Is it faulty PCM or any other know issue causing these problem?

Please Help !!!!!!!!1

Answer by expert:-

Thanks for asking your question here.

There are a few things I will mention below to troubleshoot these issue noticed on your vehicle:-----

  • Primary will be software. We have seen a good number of software changes to the PCM, often with a TSB but just as often there are updates released with no TSB's or certification. The first thing to start is make sure the PCM software is up to date.If not then get the PCM software updated from nearest Chrysler dealer.

  • Other then this i suggest you to get the crank sensor connector checked and inspected. If the connector seems faulty then i suggest to replace the crank sensor connector. Why i am suggesting to inspect and replace crank sensor because at our auto repair garage we have seen many such connector getting faulty causing same types of problem. And as per your vehicle model mentioned these early World engines had problems with terminal grip at the crank sensor connector and it will cause driveability issues and sometimes crank sensor codes to set. Replacement of the connector may take care of the issue.

  • But if the crank sensor looks fine then other thing to be checked is burning of the fuel pump connector. A poor connection in between the pump connector and pump will result in the connector getting melt, which definitely will aggravate the poor connection. I've come across this cause intermittent driveability problems exactly like you are having, and won't set a code in the PCM since it's not monitored or controlled by the PCM. Replacement of the pump and connector together is usually necessary to repair this. The pump has an access panel under the left rear seat and you could check this fairly quickly.

  • As per my vehicle repair experience its not the  PCM locking up. If the PCM was locking up somehow then it wouldn't restart the way it does. Usually when a module locks up it needs a power cycle (battery disconnect) to unlock, if it does unlock. If it's starting right back up I wouldn't suspect a PCM issue.And in your case the vehicle dies at idle but it will again restart normally and run.So PCM getting lock up is not possible.

These details will help.

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