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Chrysler TC by Maserati: 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati will turn over but not start



Its 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati with 40k mi. Vehicle has been parked in garage for nearly last 2 years. Now while starting (after replacing battery) it turns over but does not start. A nearby mobil auto mechanic check it out and said injectors weren't receiving fuel. Auto technician replaced fuel pump and fuel filter but vehicle however does not start. Experimented with replacing fuel pump relay but still does not start.

What do you highly recommend?

(Note: mechanic did not depressurize the fuel system before replacing pump, but did attempt to depressurize it afterward by following service manual's guidelines to connect wires to prongs on plug in wiring harness at fuel rail (?) and connecting ends to positive terminal of battery and ground.

Now these is what he did.Is this the correct plug?

Do you think that the no start problem is caused by not depressurizing the system?)

At present there is spark received and fuel pump turns over for 2 seconds while turning the Key on.
Please help!!!!



According to me it appears like the issue is with reduced power to the fuel pump resulting in these dilemma.
The pump could be lacking power but it might also be losing ground.

Did your mechanic examined to ensure that there are two power feeds to the relay with the key on?

If not get it done,these will help to confirm the problem.

To execute these test you'll possibly need to check with a test light or voltmeter. There must be two power feeds there.

If power is ok then jump connection between pin 30 and 87 of the relay and see if the fuel pump turns on.

If it does not come on then the second step is access the pump again to check power and ground to see which it's missing and go from there.

Suppose if the relay power feeds are ok but there is no power at the pump when it's jumped then the wire is damaged in between someplace and the circuit will possibly need to be hardwired or the split located and fixed.

If the pump does in fact have power but is missing ground then it's either going to be a wiring issue or a corroded ground.

So all in all here are fairly a few possible issues and it's going to take some tests to figure out exactly why the pump isn't operating. You can start by verifying the power feeds, jump the relay and see what happens, and then check for power and ground if required.

These details will help.

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