Saturday, February 9, 2013

2005 Chrysler 300C: Has No Heat & Also has No start Problem

Troubleshooting No Heat And No Start Problem

Its 2005 Chrysler 300C, :
The problem Description:
While I was driving I heard a noise like a hose had broken followed by the noise and after that  heater  no longer worked I then heard a sound like something was dragging under my car. Then I noticed that there was a lightening bolt symbol and a slippery or loss of traction symbol.

Now my car will not start.
Please Help?

Follow Troubleshooting:-----

From your description it sounds like you may have lost a radiator or heater hose, allowed the coolant to escape and kept driving while it severely overheated. And that is what you noticed.

The first thing you'll need to do is check the coolant level and look around the engine compartment for sprayed coolant and the damaged hose or cooling system component. 

Also let me know  what happens when you try to start the engine, does it not crank? See if it cranks now that it has cooled off overnight. When severely overheated and driven that way catastrophic engine damage can be done.

Clients Reply:

The engine just make whine noise and will not start.
And as per your details No coolant was found the reservoir was completely empty and mechanic says that most likely the engine will not start again.

What are potential options for replacement? Can the engine for this model be replaced with that of a lower model or does it have to be the same 5.7L hemi?


As per my experience there are a few options for replacement.

Most expensive would be a Mopar or aftermarket re-manufactured engine.
The cost will be very high for this brands, but benefit is you would have the longest warranty and would last the longest. There will be quite a few options available at different parts stores and suppliers, warranty and prices will vary.

Other option is try to find a used engine from a salvage yard. This will be the cheapest way to fix it but likely wouldn't last as long as a re-manufactured engine, unless you were able to find a low mileage unit. Replacing it with a used engine would be the cheapest route.

This car also came with either the 2.7 or 3.5 engine models, but swapping one of those in would be more expensive in the long run. You'd need all engine accessories, exhaust, complete wiring harness, fuel and evaporation emissions lines, the transmission and powertrain control module from a six cylinder car. If you decided to do this it would be cheapest to try to find a wrecked six cylinder car to take all the components from.

Also Note one more thing the Replacement unit comes with two types, short blocks and long blocks

A short block is the block, crank, pistons and cam. A long block is the same but comes with the cylinder heads and valvetrain. If yours has been overheated then you're going to need a long block as the heads won't be reusable.

I suggest get the help of professional mechanic who knows these job very well.Do it yourself will not be that easy to complete these task properly.

Hope all goes well.